Fluorescent Paper
Our range of colorful Fluorescent & Neon Paper is used for designing handicraft work, decorative items and gifts. Made of best grade virgin pulp, this paper is preferred for its good anti static attributes and wrinkle proof surface.
Chromo Paper
Offered double sided Coated Chromo Paper is chosen for high speed printing work. Advanced spray coating technology has been adopted to treat both sides of its surface. Glossy appearance and bright printing quality are its main features.
Color Coated Paper
Produced from standard grade wood pulp, our range of Coated Color Papers is used as suitable packaging material for gifts, for printing advertisement and also for handicraft work. Smooth and glossy surface, tear proof design and Eco friendly content are the main features of these papers.
Thermal Coated Paper
Thermal Coated Paper is used to produce bus ticket, ATM receipt bill and other types of paper bills. Notable for its smooth and homogenous surface, this paper has exceptional strength.
Pastel Paper
Pastel Paper is chosen for digital printing purpose. Made of standard grade bamboo pulp, this colourful paper is used for designing card, decorative item and scrapbook. Excellent anti static attribute is one of its main features.